“Niche. Royal. You’d often associate these words with a sport such as Polo. Not anymore.”

Under the aegis of Chirag Parekh (MD Acrysil Ltd. And Founder Champions Polo League), polo aficionado and industrialist, the Champions Polo League is here to take this regal sport to the masses. The world’s first polo league will see the sport take on a new avatar. This fall, witness the cream of the sport – top polo professionals and ponies – from India and abroad take the field and gallop to glory.

“Novel. Fast-paced. Polo like never before.”

It won’t take you long to get yourself hooked on to the New Avatar of Polo. Smaller playing fields to take you closer to the action, shorter chukkers to keep you gripped and a revamped format to make it more spectator-friendly. So, saddle up! The Champions Polo League is here to enthrall, excite and entertain.

Tales from the field

Enjoy thrilling Stories of legends and heroic battles created on the field with every match.